Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Waiting.....For What?

I feel like I'm spending a fair amount of time lately waiting.

Waiting for a meeting to being.
Waiting for a meeting to end.
Waiting for my daughter to get ready to leave for school.
Waiting for both girls after dance classes.
Waiting for dinner to finish cooking.

Waiting for spring to finally, truly, arrive.

This last one is kind of getting me down.  I'm tired of cold, gray days. I know that spring days in April are often rainy and gray, but when the air is warm and smells like lilacs, it's just easier to bear!

I know it's coming... it always does.  If fall and winter are any indication, though, spring may just take its own sweet time to arrive on my door step.

When it does, though, I'm going to embrace it!  I'm not going to:
wait for a better time to work in the garden.
wait for better weather to go for a walk.
wait for a free afternoon to go for a bike ride.
wait for life to pass me by.


  1. I love this! We all spend far too much time waiting - I will start to stop waiting - you inspired me!

  2. Ahhh, the waiting game.... from Oh the Places You'll Go - that's what your slice reminded me of. I stopped waiting about a month ago. I just decided I'm not waiting anymore. I've been doing more, embracing the moment more, being present more. It feels good. :)