Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good intentions

This morning I got up at 5 with my alarm and put on my workout clothes and tennis shoes.  I was ready to head to the Y for a half-hour of brisk walking on the treadmill.  After the ridiculously cold winter, I'm eager to get back into my workout routine.  I feel better when I start my day with a walk, even if it is at the Y instead of outside.

Then I walked out my front door.  My van had about a half-inch of snow covering it.

NBD, right?  What's a half-inch of snow after the 80 or so inches I've already brushed off of it this winter.

What I didn't realize until I went to put my key in the lock was that under that snow was a thick layer of ice.  I shouldn't be surprised, since this was my view during mom taxi duty last night:
Again... no big deal.

Except I have NO IDEA where my broken-by-winter ice scraper is, and it would take a the defroster a good 10 minutes to melt that ice off the windshield.  I did sit in the car for a while, hoping that if I ran my windshield wipers AND my defroster, I'd get to the Y and my walk. But then I looked to my right and saw that my side window was also covered in ice.  No way the defroster would melt that any time soon.

So instead, I walked the dog (can't find my hat or gloves, of course), emptied the dishwasher, and decided to write today's slice early.  I managed to make this time productive.

But I do have a message for Mother Nature.  I'm OVER this cruddy winter!  She can keep this springtime snow.  I want tulips and daffodils and warm breezes that tempt me to be outside, not this icky, wet, freezing mess.

And no.... I do NOT want to build a snowman!


  1. Ha - I hear the frustration in your "voice!" Glad you had time for a slice, though. While the snow is pretty this morning, I'm completely over it, too! ;-)

  2. I think we will ALL enjoy those tulips and daffofils even more this year once Spring finally encourages them to pop up. Your step-by-step movements when encountering the unexpected snow clearly showed your frustration. And your flexibitly came through loud and clear as you STILL got stuff done. Mother Nature isn't stopping you!!

  3. Love your post. My slice was on the same topic. The "yo-yoing" of temperatures is so confusing when I want to get flowers in the ground but this week reminded me why I almost always wait until May when our weather stabilizes!

  4. You're a better person than I today. I rolled back over in bed and snuggled under the covers when I spied that snow on my windowsill. Your post is some good motivation though.... I'll walk some extra steps around my big school today. By necessity of course, does that still count? lol

  5. You made the best of it --all we can do sometimes. Fingers crossed for spring soon!!

    Clare and Tammy