Thursday, March 2, 2017

Snow fair

Yesterday was March 1.
And it snowed.

Here in the Chicago area, we had no measurable snow cover in January or February.  In fact, within the past week, we had 70 degree temperatures and people were wearing shorts on the Lake Michigan beach.  We had a glorious sneak peek tease of spring and then...


Winter returned.  Not with a vengeance, not even angry.  I'd say winter was slightly miffed.  Annoyed enough to to drop the temps and make flakes swirl in the March air.

Honestly, I'm ready for winter to move on, to bother the fine folks in the southern hemisphere.  I'm ready for daffodils and hyacinths and kites flying in parks.  I'm ready for morning walks outside instead of on the treadmill and blossoms on the trees.

I know, though, that March is fickle.  That winter doesn't really have to evacuate the premises until later in the month, closer to spring break.

Until then, I'll wait, albeit impatiently.


  1. My sentiments exactly! I know winter has been mild, but I have tulips and crocuses coming up! I'm ready to start pruning!

  2. What a strange winter this has been, right?! I live in Southwest Ohio, and we've hardly gotten any snow at all. I do miss the snow days, but now, like you, I'm ready to move on. Bring on spring!

  3. Same here in Michigan. Yesterday morning at 6 am I was running in shorts and a t-shirt but today, winter hat, coat, gloves, and boots. ARGH!