Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Simple Joys

Sometimes, simple things are the best.  In the past year, I've made an effort to simplify things; the main impetus was listing our house for sale and then moving.  I purged SO MUCH STUFF. I realized having less stuff meant a calmer me.  Simple is good.

Simple is good when it comes to food, too.  Lately, my favorite snack has been one of the simplest things around - popcorn popped on the stove, topped with real melted butter and some salt.  That's it; kind of plain but super tasty.

Of course, even simple things can get complicated if you let them.  On the road to my daughters' camp in western Wisconsin, there is a farm stand that Dan and I like to stop at.  In late summer, which is when Molly and Abby head to camp, the produce they sell is at its peak.  This past summer, I discovered they also sell a HUGE variety of popcorn.  WHO KNEW popcorn came in such a wide variety.  There were different kernel sizes, different popped kernel sizes, different flavors (imagine the dude at the wine store, but with popcorn.  For real).  I bought some.  Tried it.  It was ok.

But not as good as the white popcorn I buy in bulk at Whole Foods.  Simple.

Tonight I popped up a big batch.  In fact, my Whirly-pop popper almost couldn't handle it.  I melted 3 tablespoons of butter.  I sprinkled salt on the warm, freshly popped kernels.  Then I settled on the couch with Abby and Dan to watch The Voice and unwind from my day.

It was simple.

And it was good.

(And yes.. I saved some for Molly!)


  1. Well, now I have a craving for popcorn!
    I understand so well that need for simple. At home, there's just too much stuff. I told my husband we need to pretend we are moving and get rid of the unnecessary. It's why our tiny cabin on the lake is one of our favorite places...there's no room for clutter and life is simple. Thanks for this post...I'll be back to uncluttering now...

  2. This is so true! We can get so caught up in the extras, but a lot of the time the simplicity is what I crave! Today I will look for joy in the simple things!

  3. I know I'll be pulling out my Whirley-Pop later today! I agree that having less does make you more calm. I married someone who has taught me the value of that.

  4. Simplicity brings such joy! This slice reminded me that I have a Whirley Pop at home that I got for Christmas two years ago and never used. I'm going to pull it out tonight and snack on simplicity myself.

  5. Love it - you are making me hungry!!! I love our whirley pop. The time it takes to pop gets the conversation going and it is always too much for one person so it brings us altogether. Simple is best. Thank you.

  6. Love hoe you use simple as the theme for you post. Simple often is the best.

  7. Simple. Good. We should all have such ambitions for everything in our lives!
    And for the record, that's exactly how I like my popcorn too!