Friday, March 4, 2016


Today it snowed.  I was not happy about this development.  I do not believe in March snow (though I should, given I live in northern Illinois).

Imagine my happiness when I saw this:

THIS is more like it.  I can deal with Friday's 37 if it means a warm up is on the way.

By this time of year, I am completely OVER winter.  The gray days.  The slush.  The salt-covered cars.  My dry, dry skin.  I am ready for sun, for warmth, for longer days that move me closer and closer to the mugginess of summer.

Yes, I am one of those people who kind of like the crazy humidity of Chicago in summertime.  I don't mind doing the yard work in the sun unless the temps are over 90.  I don't mind what the humidity does to my hair.  It's so straight and heavy it goes flat on its own.  I don't even mind the almost daily thunderstorms that hit in the late afternoon.

Summer brings with it deliveries from my Community Supported Agriculture farm, the bounty of the farmers' market, and fruit that is so juicy it has to be eaten over a sink.  Now, in March, just the thought of a tree-ripened peach sends me into a tizzy.  Knowing I still have a good five months before I get one again makes me a bit sad.

But before peaches, there is so much more to look forward to.

So in the morning, I'll enjoy my grapefruit half, knowing that those peach trees are getting themselves ready for summer, too.  They'll wake up soon and leaf and flower; the bees will do their work as well, and come early August we'll both be ready.


  1. "I do not believe in March snow." Ha! Me neither! I am totally over winter now, too. This week has been the worst - that 30ish degree mixed precipitation, no hope for even a snow day, just yuckiness. Time to be spring! Our temperatures in southwest Ohio look good for next week, too! Bring on the sun!

  2. Ha! In South Dakota, we almost always have MAY snow of all things. AND SEPTEMBER snow. Which used to horrify me. But then I realized that it would melt the next day and all would be well. I moved here from New Hampshire, where once it snows, there's snow for the next 5 months. I really like the variable weather in SD, though it's difficult to dress for it. I've been caught walking through snow in flip flops more than once (a 50 degree daily temp swing is nothing out here!). Loved the line about a tree-ripened peach sending you into a tizzy.