Sunday, March 20, 2011


Over the course of the past few days, I've had more fun than I've had in a really long time.  The last half of 2010 was an incredibly stressful, sad time for me and the family on my dad's side.  It seemed that things kept happening, tragedies stacking up, and I never felt fully recovered from any of it.

Then I traveled to Springfield with colleagues to a conference, and we spent much of the 3 days together laughing.  It felt so good to just BE, to not think about all of the stresses that seem to take over my life. 

Last night I went with my husband to a local bar to see a friend's band play.  It was the first time we'd been out together in a while, and we had some time to talk and reconnect before the band started.  It was a nice way to celebrate my return home and just hang out and hear some music.  I sang, I clapped, I danced, I had a beer (or two), and again, just enjoyed the night.  No worries, no thinking about deadlines, nothing.

Sometimes I wonder if I keep myself from having fun by being the designated worrier for planet Earth.  I need to remember that FUN is FUNdamental!


  1. Several of the bloggers have written about going to a conference. What fun, & what inspiration for the future. It sounded like you topped it off with a great evening with your husband. Finally, find the song "don't worry, be happy" on you tube, or i tunes, book mark it & play it every day!

  2. It IS good to just BE. Glad you had a nice night - cheers!

  3. That time to just be you and to allow yourself some carefree fun is so important. We didn't realize how lucky we were to have it when we were younger! Keep carving it out :)

  4. Perfect description: "designated worrier for planet earth." I'm sending that one to my daughter, as she thinks that's her job. I can now tell her to relax, as you've got it covered.

    Kidding. But I may send her your recipe--laugh, a getaway, some downtown with someone you love, and good music with some dancing. That sounds like the tonic for all our ills.

    Great post!

    Elizabeth E.