Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Grocery Store? Really?

I have a confession, one that some may find surprising, if not a bit disturbing.  Ready?

I love going to the grocery store.  There.  I've said it!

I think my love for the grocery store is rooted in two places.  First, it is tied in to caring for my family.  I come from a family where food=love.  Not great for the waistline, I know, but so many of my best family memories are tied to meals.  Now I am bringing that sense of comfort and love to my own children, teaching them to eat healthy foods and have fun in the kitchen.  The second reason I love going grocery shopping is that I am often by myself or with just one of my daughters.  As a teacher and mom, I am rarely alone with time to think about all of the stuff that makes up my life.  Going grocery shopping gives me an hour or two to be alone, to think and plan and, yes, even dream, if you can believe it.  When my daughter Abby goes with me on my Saturday morning excursions, we have time to talk about what's going on in her busy six year old life or practice her reading skills as she tracks our progress on the grocery list.  She often rides on the cart, right in front of me, so the entire trip through the grocery store is like a giant hug for her.  I can lean down and kiss the top of her head and think of how lucky I am.  What could be better?


  1. I'm with you. Grocery stores equal fun. Food. Sensory stimulation. Creativity. Family.

    I love that idea of a shopping-trip-long hug for your daughter. I love putting my grandchildren in the front for just the same reason. Lots of good face-to-face contact, so rare these days.

    Many in my family are foodies, too. My father used to cook out of Gourmet Cookbook when Betty Crocker reigned supreme in the 1950s. Upon his return from trips away, he'd regale us with stories about what he ate. My sister (briefly) ran a catering service. My brother married a woman who can cook anything--deliciously and makes it look like it came from Bouchon or French Laundry.

    Once in a rough patch of life, when I had only money for the babysitter but not a movie, I'd head to the grocery store for my two hours and read magazines. At the end, I'd pick up what was needed on my shopping list, and having had some time away, was refreshed. My friend calls the grocery store her "bank."

    Great post.
    Elizabeth E.

  2. I love going to the grocery store when I am away from home. It is interesting to see the regional spin in the store. Plus they usually have a variety of packaged food that is not in my store. When I can find an international store, I can wander the aisles and study the foods for hours.
    So nice to have a little companion for special time together. I used to love to go with my mom too.

  3. I love it too. It is sort of meditative!

  4. Yes, food is big in my family, too, and the waisteline! But what better way to talk to anyone other than sitting down at the table and enjoying food, talk, and laughter!!!

  5. There is one grocery store I do like - the little store near the house my grandparents owned on Cape Cod. I love the way the screen door slams, the wood floor that ripples from wall to wall - and the smells, of fresh fruit and bread.

  6. I’m with you – grocery stores are the ultimate luxury. If one of our ancient hunter/gatherer maternal ancestors were plopped into one they would think they had gone to paradise! Fresh grapes, in March – a miracle! Walking casually along with your sweet child seeking and finding with no worries – a wonder!