Thursday, March 3, 2011

Making Time for What's Important

Today while my students were taking their ISAT tests, I spent some times thinking about today's Slice.  I was thinking about how busy I seem to be, how quickly life is passing me by, how I'm always saying "How will I find time for THAT?"  I started listing the things I do when I get home from school that are part of my other job - being a wife and mom... cooking dinner, tidying the house, supervising homework, reading with my kids, walking the dog.  I thought about the things I do for myself - a nap when I'm exhausted, my weekly appointment with my personal trainer, a yoga class here and there.  Finally, I thought about those things that I'd like to do if I had the time - write more, pursue a Ed.D., clean my basement. 

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I DO manage to make time for things I think are important (and, to be honest, things that just let me zone.... like Facebook or watching Top Chef).  One thing I need to do more of is to sit back and take a good look around and remind myself that I am in charge of how I spend my time.  I CAN write more and do all of those other things.  That with my time, just like with my diet, balance is the most important thing.


  1. Oh I can relate to your post! I never considered that popping onto Facebook is allocating my time...I have been struggling with feeling time crunched this week. You are so right though - I am sitting here working on this challenge instead of doing the dishes! Time to balance...

  2. Sometimes we may stress about getting "things" done, but usually the things that matter do get done. You have quite a list, amazing!

  3. Balance is the key. Great reflection.MaryHelen