Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Breathe

This week is absolutely nutty.  Besides the time change, I have two presentations to write, papers to grade, a house to tidy, a  Brownie trip to plan, a suitcase to pack, and sub plans to write.  My to-do list is absolutely GINORMOUS!  I find myself clenching my teeth and freaking out a little bit, worried I won't get everything finished before I leave for a conference on Wednesday afternoon.

What I need to do, instead of freaking out, is to breathe.  I know I need to slow down and do the things I can and the other things will fall into place.  I should go to a yoga class, or at the very least take a relaxing soak or hole up somewhere quiet. 

When I sit down and look at that crazy list, I wonder why I am unable (unwilling, perhaps?) to delegate some of the things on my list to my colleagues or to my husband.  Perhaps the key to fewer freak-outs is the willingness to give up some control.


  1. I know how you feel. Sometimes the to-do list is completely overwhelming. And, you're right - breathe. After that, remember that the world will not fall apart if you don't get everything done before Wednesday. The house-tidying, for example. We (I do the same thing) tend to over self-assign. :) Get what absolutely needs to be done first and then . . . remember to take care of yourself. You are important.

  2. Mardie,
    I know you're right. That's why I just keep telling myself to take a deep breath and prioritize. And also to relax my jaw!

  3. Hoping today was productive and you are feeling better. You're right -- just breathe. It's something I need to be reminded of too.
    So glad you are writing with us this month,