Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Moment of Panic

Today I was a bit distracted as I left school.  My daughter had texted me a photo of our dripping ceiling and after I texted her a reply I tossed my phone into my purse and then headed out the school doors and into the parking lot, loaded my bags into my van, and drove home to investigate the ceiling situation.

I went to text Dan, only to discover that my phone was nowhere to be found.  Not in my tote bag... not in my purse.... not in the small bag I used to carry my shoes home.  I figured I must have imagined tossing my phone in the bag and assumed it was on the table in my office at school.

Tried Find My Iphone.  No luck.  Battery must have died.

About an hour or so later, Abby and I headed out to get Molly from play practice, and as I backed out of the driveway, I noticed a blotch of pink and purple lying in the snow in the driveway.

I experienced a moment of panic.

That pink and purple blob was my phone in its Otterbox case.

And I had just backed over it.

In case you don't know what an Otterbox is, the one I have looks like this:
And amazingly... my phone still works!  The cold zapped the battery, but once it warmed up and charged a bit, it started right up and worked.  The screen didn't even crack.

If I wasn't convinced of the greatness of the Otterbox before, I am now.  I will NEVER leave my phone out of this case ever again. 

This is my second near-disaster with this phone.  The first one was last July when my phone, at that time in a cute Vera Bradley case, went for a swim after falling out of the back pocket of my jeans.  I saved it that time by letting it dry in rice for three days.  Perhaps if I had left it in the heftier case, the water would not have gotten inside the phone. 

Perhaps I should be more careful with my electronic devices.  
And zip my purse.

Lesson learned.

Disclaimer:  I am not trying to sell you one of these.  Otterbox did not sponsor my post.  This story is true!  :-)


  1. You were lucky! I need to look into one of these, Mindi, I am constantly in fear of having happen to me exactly what happened to you. Time to do away with the "cute" case.

  2. I felt your panic when I read this line: "I noticed a blotch of pink and purple lying in the snow in the driveway." My heart stopped with yours. I am so glad that your story turned out okay, and I'm glad that I own an Otterbox, too!

  3. Me too, Katy! As soon as I read that line, I put my hand up to my mouth and said, "Oh no." A perfect way to show and don't tell. :-)

    And, I think I need those Otterboxes for my sons! Okay - I should get one, too.

  4. Wow, that's amazing! Knew those cases were good, but not that good. How's your ceiling, though? :)

    1. Just a little drip from the ice damming that seems to be inevitable this horrible winter. Thanks for asking!

  5. I haven't owned an otterbox, but I did accidentally leave my phone on top of my trunk and drove home from school and it was still there when I got home. I was so impressed at how non-skid my case was. :-) Glad you found your phone.

  6. This sounds like something I would do! I don't have a smart phone, simply because I lose things on a daily basis and think a smart phone would be too expensive to replace. So glad it survived- you should send this story to Otterbox! Maybe they'd make you a spokesperson!