Thursday, March 6, 2014

So I Have This Problem......

I'll bet some of you have this problem, too.  It seems to be rampant among teachers, especially those who teach reading and writing.  It's an expensive problem to have, and it seems to kick into high gear right after the Fourth of July, but hey.... who am I kidding?  It can rear its ugly head at any time.

Know what it is?  I'll tell you.....


I can't got into an Office Max or Staples without buying at least a package of pencils or perhaps a ream of paper.

Colorful binder clips send me into a tizzy.

Sharpies.... forget about it. MUST have them in every color.

My biggest problem, though, are pens.  I am a persnickety pen procurer.  I can't use just any old Bic. No Siree, Bob!  I need ink that flows smoothly from the barrel.  A cushioned grip is a plus.  I prefer gel ink that doesn't smear, and I MUST have a medium point.

In other words, I like expensive pens.

For a teacher, this is a problem, because pens have a way of developing legs and walking stealthily out of the classroom.  Over time, these escaped pens add up to a pretty penny!

Right now, my favorite pens are these:
They might well and truly be the best pens I've ever bought.  I have to hide them from my daughters who like to steal them from me, and I am careful never to leave one in the copier room at school.

I think deep down, I must believe that if I possess the perfect pen, suddenly I'll be transformed into a REAL writer.... that the words will flow without hesitation from my brain, through the pen, and onto the page.  I know, however, that it's not that easy, that writing is hard work, and I need to sit down and write EVERY SINGLE DAY and get those ideas onto the paper (or screen) and then revise and reread and revise again.

Someday I'll do that.  Maybe.

Until then..... HEY!  GIVE ME MY PEN BACK!


  1. lol...I'm not a teacher, but I have the exact same pen problem, only in fine point. Do you mix small paper clips with large ones?

  2. How timely with Staples announcing that they are closing ten percent of their stores. What will we do?

  3. I love gel pens! I don't do as much writing in the library, but at home, it has to be gel pens at my desk. Totally relate to your love of office supplies!

  4. Ooh yes! I have an unhealthy fascination with post-it notes. Perhaps we should form a support group?

  5. You are NOT alone. I'm an office supply junkie. I have been trying very hard to use up what I have on hand rather than venture into our area Staples. Now I want to go find your favorite pens. Thanks a lot. GRIN.

    Enjoyed your slice!!!


  6. Man, I can relate. I love pens, post-its, markers, clips, etc. What type of pens are those? I might have to try them out. ;)

  7. I can totally relate...must be a teacher thing?!

  8. I love gel pens, too! A long time ago, I loved the "Le Pen" pen. I couldn't buy enough of those pens! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets excited about school supplies as a teacher :)

  9. My favorite pens are the good old blue Bic pens. My favorite markers are PaperMate Flair Medium in turquoise preferably. My whole fourth grade team is in love with the Flairs.

  10. I love this post. I so relate. I guard my favorite pen of the moment. I keep thinking one day I will find just the right one that will make everything perfect. I will have to try this one now. :-)

  11. I am a few days behind, but just found this post! I have those same pens! I think it is time to share my collections as well. Do you have a pencase as well?

  12. Oh yes, right there with you on the office (and art) supply addiction. I love black fluid or gel ink pens with removable caps that I can clip onto my shirt as I'm working and walking around. Now if we could only come across a coupon source!