Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Taco Tuesday

Tonight was Taco Tuesday at the Rench Ranch, just as it was in many households and school cafeterias across the country.  I've discovered my girls like chicken tacos made with sauteed chicken breasts seasoned with taco seasoning from The Spice House.  It's not spicy... mild but flavorful.  They like flour tortillas, not corn.  They like queso fresco and avocado.

It was an awesome meal.

Not because of the chicken tacos, or at least not solely (though they were awfully tasty).

It was awesome because all four of us were seated around the table, talking about our days and sharing our lives.  The topic du jour was ISAT testing.... though that's a blog post for another time.

When I sit at the table with my guy and my girls, I think about how dinnertime is my favorite part of the day. The girls are growing up so quickly and their lives are increasingly busy.  I know that by the time they are both in high school, these family dinners will become less frequent.  I know that in just five years, our dinner table will have an empty place as Molly will be off in college.

It makes me misty.... AND IT'S FIVE YEARS AWAY!

But for now, I'll revel in these everyday miracles that are my girls and enjoy their company as long as I have it.


  1. It's interesting how parenthood is such a common theme in so many of the posts I've been reading. It shows how important family time really is, and you captured it so well here.

  2. Enjoy and cherish it goes so so fast. It's the meals together and conversations at the dinner table that I miss the most.

  3. Ok, you had me at Taco Tuesday and Rench Ranch. Too fun, playing around with words. Five years will go by fast, my oldest leaves for college in five months. Our dinner table as been scattered this week with late softball practices. It is nice when we are all together, even with some chaos.

  4. Yes, we must revel in these miracles! Thanks for the gentle reminder. My 4 year old son likes to start our dinner conversations with the phrase, "So, how was everyone's day?" parroting things he's heard us say. It's always amusing and then we all share the best moments of our day together. Miracles indeed.

  5. I mentioned mine going to college today! I love our dinners together, which we do more than I ever believed we would! And every day I get a run down of how her day was. My favorite time, hands down! Adding Taco Tuesday to my schedule!