Monday, March 17, 2014

Why Yes.... Today WAS a Monday.

Technology is a great thing when it works.  Today as I was working on data spreadsheets for tomorrow's grade-level team meetings, GoogleDrive suffered a worldwide outage limited to spreadsheets and chats.

Yes.... worldwide outage....related to spreadsheets.

Of course, all of my spreadsheets are in GoogleDrive because the teachers all enter their data and we share various sorts & analyses of the data through the Drive.

I panicked.
I froze,
I quit Chrome and tried Firefox.
I tried another computer.
I restarted my MacBook.

Finally, I went in search of our tech support specialist who got right on it.

Of course, there was not much she could do since it was a Google problem.  She did what she could, though, and that made me feel at least a little bit better.

Finally, I was able to access my spreadsheets again, and I got my data finished.

Now.... on to Tuesday!


  1. We lost our printer network today - a big problem! Technology is wonderful, until there is a glitch, right?!

  2. Yikes! And why does it always happen right when you need it!???