Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, Monday

It's Monday again.... seems like Monday creeps up on me and I'm always taken by surprise when that 5:30am alarm goes off to start my week.  Right now, I'm settled on the couch, dog burrowed under the blanket next to my legs, catching up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, thinking about what to write for the day.

In general, I try to look at Mondays as a fresh start.  It's a new week!  I get a new chance to get this whole mom-wife-coach-ME thing right.  As long as I remember to put the coffee in the pot BEFORE I hit brew (and yes, I have forgotten this important step in the coffee-making process), my Monday usually starts out pretty well.  Molly and I head out the door by 7:30 to get to school for her 7:45 am orchestra rehearsal.  I spend a few minutes with my calendar, figuring out my week... when will I be in classrooms working with teachers and kids?  When will I be in meetings?  When will I find time to finish getting all of our leveled books back on the shelves and make progress on my office/literacy room reorganization? Then it's off to the races!

I find that if I start my week with a positive outlook, the rest of the week is likely to follow suit.  I'm more able to find the silver linings in challenges and not let the little things get me down. I don't mind the Mom Taxi obligations quite so much, as they give me time to be quiet with my thoughts on my back-and-forths to the Y.

So I'll go brew my coffee and I'll pick out my clothes and I'll hit the door with a smile on my face and my week will be off to a great start.

Hope yours will be, too.


  1. Hope you enjoyed your coffee this morning! Mine is brewing as I write this comment. I like the quiet moments in your morning...I bet those moments help your week too. Wishing you a great week!!

  2. I always look at Mondays as a brand new start - whatever the challenges the week may bring, I'm allowed to wear my rosy colored glasses on Monday morning.

  3. I've forgotten the coffee before too, Mindi, then go to pour "hot water"! This is a nice slice/start to the week. I always think of Monday as a fresh page to write on, feels good! Have a fabulous week!

  4. I like Linda's idea of Mondays being a fresh page to write on. True enough. I found myself in your musings today...the calendar, the book room, etc. Mondays are like a protected animal -- planning and perspective keep them alive :). Hope yours was a good one! b

  5. I read your title and immediately started humming a song with those words. I hope your Monday had the silver, positive lining you had planned for. Have a wonderful week.