Monday, March 23, 2015

A Little Attitude Goes a Long Way

Tonight was my fifth grader's band concert.  This is the first time this year I've heard her play, since she was sidelined with influenza A for the winter concert.

My girl is a percussionist.  She loves being able to play all of the different percussion instruments in the band.  For tonight's concert, she played snare, bass drum, and tambourine.  It was fun to see her in her element, being the backbone of the band.

I can't believe this girl is going to be in middle school in the fall.  Just like with her big sister, it seems that I blink and she's aged a year and a half.  They're growing up so fast, and while I'm happy to see them grow into kind, compassionate, and strong humans, I do miss the babies they used to be.

Now... if you've ever been in the marching band you know the drumline has a certain..... attitude.

What do you think?  Does she have it?

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  1. yes indeed! Great picture! And yes... blink and the years disappear! It's so hard!