Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Who Do You Think You Are

I am strangely fascinated by the TLC show Who Do You Think You Are, and to a lesser degree (because I never remembered to set a series recording) the PBS show Geneaology Roadshow.  I love watching people uncover their family roots.  With WDYTYA, it is celebrities who go around the world and meet up with genealogists and archivists who help them trace their family trees WAY back.

I'm not a celebrity, and I don't have unlimited resources to travel to Europe or hire people to find the stories of my ancestors.  I did subscribe to ancestry.com for a while, and I managed to trace my mother's family back several generations, finding that the actual documents that told her family's story matched the family folklore.

I had a much harder time following the trail of documents for my dad's side of the family.  My grandmother always told me that her family was Native American, but I've not been able to find any evidence to support this.  Perhaps I'm not seeing the clues; perhaps I've barked up the wrong family tree (pun intended).  My desire to find the answers to my ancestry is driven purely by curiosity and love of story.  Sometimes I think I might find the story I'm destined to write in this history.  Who knows?

So I'll keep looking and searching and asking questions.

Someday I'll have my answers, and my girls will have a fuller picture of their family tree.


  1. I think we all like to know who we are and where we came from. What a great hobby and something that you can share with future family members. Don't stop digging! You never know where that next clue will be found. Good luck!

  2. Tracing your ancestry is very enlightening sometimes! It's interesting, fun, and brings current family members together for a wonderful purpose. Keep looking! Jennifer Sniadecki

  3. I am trying to find proof that ties my great-great grandfather to the other two he is supposedly related to. I love genealogy and the Ancestry subscription is worth it in my opinion. If only they could put all the newspapers I need online..... :-)