Monday, March 30, 2015

A Walk in the (State) Park

Today dawned bright and sunny here in Baraboo, so we decided to go to Devil's Lake and walk around a bit.

Of course, by the time we got around to getting the kids all together and driving the 10 minutes to the park, the weather looked like this:

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It wasn't as cold as that picture makes it look, but it was definitely crisp, and the wind could be strong at times, but even so, it was great to be outside and breathe fresh air.

Of course, it was also great to see the kids playing and enjoying each other's company:

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A photo posted by Mindi Wells Rench (@mindi_r) on

A photo posted by Mindi Wells Rench (@mindi_r) on

These low-key trips to Baraboo are some of my favorite times of the year.  We hang out.  We go for walks.  In summer, we spend a lot of time on my brother's boat.  We don't have to worry about impressing anyone or being bored.

And we get to be together.  My kids get to know their cousins, and I get to connect with Kyle and Kristy, something I wish we could do more often.

So while the sky was gray, my mood certainly isn't.

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  1. I enjoyed reading & seeing the pictures about your day in Baraboo. I visited once for a Leopold Education Project workshop and loved the place.