Saturday, March 14, 2015

Under the Wire

This week, we told our real estate agent that she could start showing the house on Wednesday.  Dan and I are very much alike in the fact that we are horrible procrastinators.  We knew that if we did not give ourselves a deadline, we'd never get everything finished.

So last night, I made a HUGE list of everything we need to get accomplished this weekend.  We worked all day on various projects:  the window treatments in the living room are hung, the master bath is FINISHED, Dan replaced the hood over the stove, and I worked steadily in the basement.

We're SOCLOSE to being ready.  My goal is to start the school week with all of the major work completed, so that we can get in the habit of leaving the house tidy and neat each day, just in case.

We've been wanting to do this for so long, that it doesn't seem real that it's really going to happen!

Wish us luck.

We'll need it.


  1. It's a cute house, so it should sell quickly!! Stay positive!

  2. Good luck. The challenge in selling a house for me was making the bed and doing the dishes each morning! So, sleep in sleeping bags and use paper plates!

  3. Great advice from Anita. There's also something else about burying a statue of Saint Joseph in the front yard though I don't know how I feel about that.

  4. Best of wishes, Mindi. It's a challenge, but sounds as if you're ready. Someone will come along & love your house!

  5. Good luck...the market is better now. The house looks great and someone will come along and love it. I loved Anita's suggestions. Keep us informed on how things are going. Jackie

  6. I hope it works out for you. Deadlines do help motivate you.