Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I am annoyed with the world right now.  It seems like this whole day, one thing after another just got under my skin and irritated me.  The only time I wasn't feeling like I was about to bite someone's head off was while I was in my classroom with my students.

From the annoyance of the people in the junior high car line who are too important to wait their turn and almost hit kids as they blow past the other waiting parents to the lady who felt it was really, really critical to be talking on her phone as she drove hell-bent through said parking lot, to the crazy snow that blanketed my car this afternoon, the annoyances just kept adding up.

I'm even annoyed by that really good book I'm reading.

Usually, dinner with my family can make this kind of mood go away, but Molly and Abby were both out of sorts tonight as well.  Only Dan seemed remotely jovial, which did help.

At least tomorrow is a new day.


  1. I have days like this too. I do like people - I'm an educator, for heaven's sake! But some days it seems like they are here just to irritate me.

  2. Those days happen to all of us. I hope that getting those feelings out in your writing helped a bit, and you moved on to a better day today.
    But your post is also a good reminder to me that some days aren't great, and it's also perfectly fine to write a slice about that as well.