Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Calendar Says It's Spring But....

According to my calendar, today is the vernal equinox - the first day of spring.

According to the weather report, it is still winter.  The high temperature today was in the thirties, and the wind was definitely cold and wintry.  When I walked the half block to my polling place at 6:20 this morning, I was bundled up in my recess parka and my favorite scarf.

The forecast for the rest of this week isn't really much better: 37 tomorrow, 45 Thursday, 40 on Friday.  There's even an possibility of snow on Saturday.  Boo.

This is the point of winter where I get really frustrated.  The sun is shining brighter and the days are longer, but it's just too darn cold to do anything outside.  Or.. it will be warmish and lovely one day and frigid and gray the next.

Spring is definitely capricious.  Yet it remains my favorite season, because once it fully arrives, the world bursts into blooms and green reigns supreme.  It's warm enough to go without a coat, yet not hot enough to require air conditioning.  I'm inspired to get outside into my yard to clear my beds or to wander through the Chicago Botanic Gardens for hours.

So here I wait, bundled under blankets, holding out on taking the parka to the cleaners.

But I know spring will be worth the wait.

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