Sunday, March 11, 2018

Gearing Up for the Week Ahead

Oh, Sunday night.  The weekend draws to a close and I begin preparing for the week ahead.  In a house with two teenage girls, our weeks are rarely quiet.  This week promises to be incredibly busy.

  • Tomorrow I have to remember to buy tickets to the Glenbrook High Schools spring production of The Little Mermaid.  This year, since the show is at North this year, Molly will work on set construction and will be on the crew for the performances.  We'll go at least one night.  I also have to remember to buy tickets to the Northbrook Junior High performances of Guys & Dolls, Jr.  Abby is one of the leads, so Dan and I will see all three shows.  Molly and other family will join us on Saturday.  That's a lot of Guys and their Dolls.
  • Tuesday I have to remember to register molly for summer school.  She still has to get her consumer ed credit, and she'd rather take it in summer school than give up an elective for it during her senior year.  Molly and I will also go to yoga class on Tuesday night.
  • Wednesday I am taking the evening for myself.  I plan to do absolutely nothing after I cook dinner, and I will not feel guilty about it!
  • Thursday I will go to Costco after school to get stocked up for my sister Lindsey and her husband's visit for the weekend.  She has specifically requested crepes for breakfast, so I have to make sure I have plenty of eggs and fruit!  We will also go to the opening night of Guys & Dolls.
  • Friday Lindsey and Thomas will arrive.  Hopefully Molly's room will be clean and I'll be able to change the sheets on her bed after school.  Dan and I will see Guys & Dolls.  Again.  :-)
  • Saturday Family will convene for the closing show and afterward we'll gather at the house for drinks and dinner and laughs and fun.

Holy cow!  That makes me tired just writing it all out.  But it will be worth every minute of busy-ness.

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