Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Yoga Tuesday

For the past year or so, I've been working on health - eating better, moving more.  Most of the time, my main form of exercise has been walking, either on the treadmill or outside when the weather is good.

Lately, though, I've been wanting to do something more, something that will increase my strength and improve my flexibility.  I decided to go back to yoga.  Keep in mind, I haven't practiced in about six or seven years, so my memory of poses is sketchy at best.  But I did remember how calm and centered I felt after each session.  So I found a beginner class at the Y.

And then I didn't go.

I put off going to that Tuesday evening beginner yoga class for weeks and weeks.  It was always something - the weather, parent/teacher conferences, something good on TV.  Finally, I decided I'd ask Molly if she'd like to take a class with me.  And she said yes!

Tonight was our first yoga class.  Given that she is 16 and a dancer, she is far more flexible than I am.  But she stayed there next to me, giving me reassuring smiles and encouraging me to keep going. 

I'm going to be seven kinds of sore tomorrow, but I must say.... I'm looking forward to next Tuesday's class.


  1. This inspires me to do yoga! So nice that you have someone to go with! :)

  2. I've thought about getting into yoga but definitely let other things get in the way. Signing up for a class and not going...sounds familiar to me! I want to feel stronger and healthier and more flexible, so thank you for your slice to push me in the right direction.

  3. I love yoga for some many reasons - building strength, flexibility, and balance. But most of all, I love yoga for its ability to clear my head - breathe in and breathe out. And one of my hints to you would be not to watch the other students in the class - I just try to get better and stronger in my own body each session. I'm so glad you got there, and hope it continues to work for you!