Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Equal Time

So tonight was daughter #2's orchestra concert.  This is the beginning orchestra with over 150 beginning string players in it.  The kids have only been playing since late September, so the difference between last night's concert and this one is HUGE.  It's good, however, to regain perspective; to remember how far the older one has come and to have a picture of where the litte one may go.

Here's Abby all ready for her performance:

I'm very glad the concerts were Monday and Tuesday evening, because tomorrow after school my friend Sarah and I head to Springfield for the Illinois Reading Council Conference.  I so enjoy these 2.5 days where I can recharge my professional batteries.  When I come back to school next week, I'll begin putting my foot in next year, thinking about how I can be a better coach next year than I was this.  I'll have new ideas and thinking to share with my colleagues as well.

Lest you think tonight's concert was torture, here's a short clip of the Beginning Orchestra playing "Bile 'Em Cabbage Down."


  1. I remember when my daughter was in 6th grade orchestra and how much they grew over the years. By the time she was gave up after 9th grade it was outstanding. Those teachers (and practicing students) are amazing!

  2. Love these aspiring musicians! And your daughter is adorable! Have fun at your reading conference! We have ours the first weekend in February, and it's always a high point for me!

  3. Abby looks so cute. I remember when each of my kids played in their first concert. They learn so much. Enjoy the conference. I can't wait to hear what you've learned. Wish I could be there.

  4. So awesome! It is a huge difference between those first concerts and the ones later down the road, isn't it? I have a fifth grader in honors orchestra, and the change is almost miraculous!