Friday, March 15, 2013


If you live in the Chicago area or if you are Twitter or Facebook friends with John Schumacher, you have heard of Anderson's Bookshops.  Anderson's is one of the most successful independent booksellers in the country, and part of the reason why is because of the events they sponsor in the stores and the vast knowledge of their booksellers.  When you go into Anderson's and ask for a book recommendation, you will get one.

Here is my then 10 yo daughter when she met Veronica Roth at the Naperville store.

One of the things I love about Anderson's is that they bring a bookstore with them to professional conferences around the country.  I visited them in Orlando and Vegas in the NCTE Exhibit Hall as well as here in Springfield at IRC and in Chicago at both NCTE and IRA.  I tried to find a photo of the massive booth, but I couldn't find one.  Suffice it to say.... it's awesome.

So.... if you know me at all (even from this blog), you know I'm an epic reader.  I read ALL the time.  I read voraciously.  If I couldn't read, I couldn't live.  So imagine the temptation of the Anderson's booth. Surrounded by books, mostly for kids with a few adult titles thrown in for good measure, all of them 20% off!  It's nearly impossible for me to walk by without being drawn in like a magnet.  It's torture... pure torture!

Just as tempting, though, are the Heinemann booth and the booth that carries books from Stenhouse and other educational publishers.  I seem to have a sick need for the lastest professional books on all aspects of literacy instruction.  I am lucky that as a literacy coach, my district will pay for these books since I end up using them in my work with teachers. When I think I'll have time to read these, I have no idea.

So this year, as I prepared to come to Springfield for IRC, I promised myself I would limit my book buying.  I'm overwhelmed by the sheer number of unread books in my house at the moment, and to add to the backlog would only increase my stress.  I did a pretty good job. Here's my IRC bookstack:
The top two books are gifts for my daughters and the rest are for me.  In addition to these, I bought one book through Amazon that Anderson's didn't have.

Not bad, if I do say so myself.


  1. I want to read the black hole book. :-)

  2. Looks like a great stack! I would love to visit Anderson's. I'm sure my husband & bank account would not be as thrilled!!

  3. ADMIRABLE restraint!

    I have been jonesing for some books, even though my TBR pile continues to be outrageous.

  4. Oh books... It's my addiction, my obsession.... I love the ombo of books you picked up... What a great experience you had with your daughter--- those are memories being made! Happy reading!

  5. I am impressed! I have to admit, while I loaded my arms up with books--on one of many trips to the Anderson's booth--I overheard you talking down another professional, trying to give her some of your strength to practice restraint. I heard your voice and considered the logic. Then I carried my giant stack to a cash register...restraint and I are not friends when it comes to books (and especially Anderson's)--that's what tax returns are for, right??

  6. Restraint is a difficult thing for me where books are involved. BUT I have this handy feature built into my brain (probably programmed there in my sleep) where my husband's voice fills my ears with warnings about not buying too many, we have bills to pay. Sometimes that goes completely out the window when I walk past the Anderson's booth: They know my weakness for author signings. That's harder to walk away from than 40% off signs...

  7. I'm afraid your audience is going to be no help in your search for restraint. I doubt any of us have it. I have yet to visit Anderson's live, but as you said, I visit them each year at NCTE. Wowza! I really have got to get to Naperville.