Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings at the Rench Ranch are typically not your lazy, lay around in your pajamas type of mornings.  Instead, I am up and out the door before 8 am.  Most weeks, it's that I'm headed off on my weekly round of grocery shopping.  Today I spent the day in a graduate class.

When I woke up at 6 this morning and shuffled out of my bedroom to put the coffee on, this is what greeted me:

It's a common picture of this particular daughter.  She has long been fascinated by technology.  First it was her LeapPad, then the Nintendo DS.  Eventually she moved on to the iPad or the laptop.  I know she is like many others of her generation, fascinated by the continuous entertainment to be found online.  Her favorite websites right now are Webkins, Moshi Monsters, and YouTube, where she watches My Little Pony videos as well as tutorials on making various kinds of cake pops and on applying crazy makeup.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing a bad job of parenting this child who instead of picking up a book to read in the quiet of the morning (which is what I would do) would rather spend an hour with Hello Kitty and The Duck Song.  It's not as if her dad and I don't model reading; we are constantly reading a wide variety of things:  the newspaper, magazines, books - both fiction and nonfiction, and yes... blogs, emails, and websites.  How am I to reconcile this child who does not feel the passion for books that I feel?

Then I remember.... she's not me.  She's her own person with her own passions and interests.  I'd get a checkmark in the parent fail column if in fact I tried to mold her into a mini-me or a replica of her big sister.  I remember to laugh with her over the crazy Lego movies she discovers or help her try to recreate a craft idea she comes across.  I remember to talk with her about her paintings and her collages and buy her endless art supplies.  I remember to sit with her on the couch and read aloud the books that SHE is interested in when she is in the mood.

I remember to cherish all the things that make her unique and embrace the amazing girl she is.


  1. Aww, love that pic of your daughter. :) My boys love technology too. I try and see it all as a balance.

  2. We have seen mornings like this where my son is engrossed in whatever happens to be on the screen in front of him - Ninjago or Pokemon on TV, games on his DS or his tablet...but just as often, I find him with his nose buried in a book or reading on his tablet. I try not to stress too much as long as I see a balance.

  3. So true. She is who she is and you can't make her into you. How many times would we be less frustrated in life if we could apply this principle to the people we encounter?

  4. Love the picture, Mindi! We do have to treasure who each of our children are. I have one who reads, but she reads Norah Roberts books almost exclusively; it makes me crazy at times (like when I recommend a really great book and she ignores me :) ). But it makes her happy to unwind and settle in with the familiar. I am working hard on accepting the role of Norah in her life...

  5. She looks so intense in that picture! I think it's great that you are letting her explore her passions. I think so many kids get pushed into things that interest their parents.