Monday, March 25, 2013

Fun With a Side of Cheese

Every once in a while we venture from the quiet of the country here outside of Baraboo into the touristy area of Wisconsin Dells.  As the kids get older, we visit new attractions or revisit favorites from when they were younger.

Today it was the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory.  To a jaded adult, the Exploratory (formerly known as Robot World) is a slightly seedy, second rate science museum.  To the kids... it's a place to solve puzzles and see the MIR space station.  The kids enjoyed themselves doing all sorts of science-y activities, both high-tech and low, from playing 3-D tic tac toe
to pretending to be a head on a platter
to experiencing the shock of the Van De Graff generator:
The kids had a ball, and so of course, we had a ball watching them.  I doubt we'll come back to the Exploratory any time soon, but there are many more Dells attractions for us to (re) visit over the next few visits:  The Ducks, The Rick Wilcox Magic Show, go-karts and water parks.  

Our afternoon of cheesy fun ended at a great restaurant where we had too much for dinner as well as decadent desserts.  Tomorrow we head home, and I have to admit, I'll be sad not to see this across the table from me at dinner..
It's been a great weekend.